Translations – Simple and Certified

Suporte em reuniões dentro e fora do país.

Simultaneous Interpreting and Support in Meetings in Brazil

Having the presence of a simultaneous interpreter in events and business meetings in essential when it comes to negotiations being carried out among people who do not speak either English or Portuguese, thus in need of a third person in order to make the communication effective and avoid misconceptions.

By having the assistance of our interpreters, your company will benefit from all the support provided as to the transfer of concepts and ideas so that negotiations are led to a favorable and satisfactory business deal.

Simultaneous Interpreting and Support in Meetings – Overseas

Our interpreters are qualified to assist executives and all employees in meetings, seminars and events outside the Brazilian territory.

Prior to hiring the assistance of our interpreters, we carry out meetings and web conferences in order to fully understand your business; after that, we make an action plan including our interpreting services, build glossaries and present the content to our customer. After this step, we introduce our services to your company in order to make you trust and count on English Private to help you lead and control the most difficult steps of a negotiation without jeopardizing understanding due to lack of communication and interpretation.

Certified Translations

For a document to be valid in Brasil or abroad, it is vital that it be translated into the required language by a Certified Sworn Translator.

All documents must be certified and sealed by a sworn translator. We can provide this service to you and your company – letters, certificates and diplomas are a few of the documents we can assist you with.

Translation of Presentations and Seminars

In many cases where there is the need to have an interpreter or translator to present a product, English Private can help you communicate and share ideas through written documents (Power Point presentations, for example) or written material  after a presentation has been conducted, so that the target public can have the material  previously presented, regardless of the language in which it was presented. We can do this job for you, thus optimizing your time alloted for this task.

All material handed outr to us will be given back in the target language, bearing the same format and messages.