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Recruiting and Selecting – TOEIC

One of the greatest issues that the HR Departments have to deal with when doing business globally is the assessment of candidates and/or employees’ English proficiency level.  In order to correctly assess a person’s English proficiency level, ETS (Educational Testing Service, bearer of TOEFL test) has created the TOEIC (Test Of English for International Communication) test , in which  all  language skills are assessed, mainly in business environments; it is essential that all candidates have a sound proficiency level in order to assertively use and produce e-mails, texts, participate in conferences, international meetings, write presentations and use language in a corporate environment. English Private can offer some language consultancy sessions to your company, throughout which your employees’ English skills will be assessed in order to offer them a position that requires such level of English. In order to do so, we establish a table containing TOEIC scores for your company, and we administer the test at your premises. As a result, you will know which employees are eligible for a certain position, considering their level of English as well.

Language Consultancy

Employees’ specific technical knowledge should definitely be prioritized in that the true value of the employee lies in his experience gained throughout their career, especially on specific markets. However, most multinational companies – be they European, Asian or American, where English is the official language – require that the employee master English at a certain level in order to conduct business properly and successfully.

Our consultancy services offer your company a careful study in line with what the HR Department requires, and we assess the required level of proficiency in English of employees by referring to the TOEIC score. THe final product of this process is shown on a table provided by the company showing the minimum required TOEIC score each employee should have in order to carry their jobs out well, making the language barrier something to not be concerned about.