Our Associates

Ana Elisa Igel

With over 20 years experience in English teaching, Ana Elisa is English Private’s founding associate. Prior to English Private, Ana Elisa has worked for a number of language institutions in Brazil, such as Your English School and Cel-Lep. At Cel-Lep, Ana Elisa worked as a multimedia lab monitor to students of all levels (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced). Graduated from Michigan University with a degree in Proficiency in English, Ana Elisa also has other diplomas and certificates , including TOEFL (former and present versions of the test) and BULATS (Business Language Testing Service.)

In 1999, Ana Elisa graduated from the English for teachers course at Embassy CES (New York, USA). In 1995, Ana Elisa attended an English Course for foreigners at Farleigh Dickinson University, in New Jersey, USA. Ana Elisa holds a degree in Translations and Interpreters from Associação Alumni (São Paulo, Brazil) dated 2011, and is a certified translator from ATA (American Translators Association).


Ana Helena Alves Corrêa

With over 40 years experience in English teaching, Ana Helena has a major role in designing the material and assessing teachers’ qualifications in order to ensure English Private offers a top-quality service. She has a degree in English from ELS (Washington, D.C.). She also completed the course in teacher selection and assessment called “Teach the teachers” at International House in London. Ana Helena was a teacher and business associate at CEL-LEP, also being the general coordinator , holding responsibilities over operations carried out at all school branches. She was responsible for selecting and training teachers, selecting teaching resources and materials, structuring all class dynamics and the assembling and implementation of all laboratories in the schools. She was also the founding partner at CEAL – Centro Eletrônico de Aprendizagem de Línguas.

When Cel-Lep celebrated 40 years of operations in 2007, she was honored for her knowledge and contribution to the English teaching in BRazil.