Our Info

English Private has been active on the market for over 15 years , being specialized in providing companies and individuals with consultancy sessions through classes or meetings.

Through our innovative proposal in language teaching and translation / interpreting services, we make use of top-notch technology approaches, offering tools that assist students and companies in assessing progress in language acquisition. These tools can be used on smart phones, tablets, computers and learning platforms that carry Windows, Android or iOS. We also offer interactive sessions through films, extra exercises and other methods. However, we strongly believe that a face-to-face contact is essential when learning languages. We also offer sessions for students to clarify questions regarding exercises or last-minute classes through a conference (Skype, WEBEX, etc).

English Private has been granted the license to administer TOEIC tests and prepare students to take the TOEFL test. Both tests are provided by ETS – Educational Testing Service.

We have different products and services from those of regular English schools in that we have developed our methodology, diving it into four different steps towards success; these steps are tailored to meet our customers’ needs in a professional, efficient and serious way. We administer proficiency tests provided by ETS, the organization that owns TOEFL and TOEIC tests, thus meeting C-Level executives’ needs.